Our offer

The demographic transition that we are experiencing involves a new demand for healthcare professions adequately trained to meet the needs of the elderly population.

Education for health professionals

Older adults, on average, suffer more hospitalizations, are more likely to be affected by chronic and neurodegenerative diseases, disabilities, and use more drugs and therapies.
In 2012 the WHO-Europe document “Strategy and action plan for healthy aging in Europe” identified specialized training as a priority: “National and local training capacity in geriatrics and gerontology is in many cases insufficient. This concerns both the gaps in the geriatric knowledge of general practitioners and other health professionals and insufficient specialist training and specialists in geriatrics”.

The Aging Project aims to realize an innovative training offer, for all levels of university education, of high qualification, with the involvement of all UPO departments, about scientific, health, economic, sociological, ethical and legal issues on aging.

The training is targeted to health professionals to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and practical skills related to the care of the elderly and the treatment of age-related diseases. At the same time, our education offer includes a focus on prevention and healthy aging.

Indeed, one of the great challenges of aging is to educate citizens to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives, to delay the onset of pathologies or disabilities.
The educational activities of the Aging Project develop in synergy with those of research: in this way, it is possible to transfer the most innovative results from the research into practice and, at the same time, the training of Ph.D. students enables new resources for research.

The post-graduate courses offer

First and second level Master’s degree, advanced and refresher courses

The theme of aging appears in the University’s post-graduate training courses, which include Level I and II Masters, advanced training courses, and professional refresher courses.


The Ph.D., Philosophiæ Doctor, represents the highest level of education in the Italian academic system. The aim is to provide the necessary skills to carry out research activities on aging in universities, public and private institutions.

Other courses

Our elective courses on aging are interprofessional, interdisciplinary, and use innovative teaching methods and formats (seminars, distance learning, interactivity, summer school).

Teaching infrastructure: SIMNOVA

Aging Project uses SIMNOVA’s support for training activities.

The Interdepartmental Centre for Innovative Didactics and Simulation in Medicine and Health Professions, SIMNOVA, founded by DIMET in 2014, is an internationally leading center for training with simulation in nursing, medicine, and medical specialties.
Read more at https://simnova.uniupo.it/