OncoAging - Aging Project UniUPO
Implementation of a clinical/molecular platform for the optimization of complex anti-tumoral therapies in elderly onco-hematological patients.
Research Project AME - Aging Project UniUPO
Management of Elderly in hospital and primary care
Modesthe - Ostheoporosis  sarcopenia - Aging Project UniUPO
Molecular determinants of the onset of sarcopenia and osteoporosis and exploration of potential therapeutic strategies
PreveMitigAge - Aging Project
Development and evaluation of interventions aimed at the prevention and mitigation of age-related health conditions
Target Aging - Aging Project UniUPO
Aging and age-related diseases: population studies and experimental models for the identification of predictive markers and therapeutic targets
NeuroAging - Aging Project
Brain Aging: from cellular models to clinical practice in neurodegenerative diseases
Select - progetti di ricerca - Aging Project
Unfolding the SEcrets of LongEvity: Current Trends and future prospects. A path through morbidity, disability and mortality in Italy and Europe