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Obesity and self-reported walking pace were found to be closely connected to severe illness and mortality resulting from SARS-CoV-2. The level of cardio-respiratory fitness seems to be more linked to a worse progression of COVID-19 than to body weight.

Integrating massage techniques into the care practices of people with dementia can help alleviate behavioral and psychological symptoms. The results of a systematic review and meta-analysis

The study compares a sample group of elderly people living independently in their homes and a group of elderly people residing in nursing homes, quantifying some multidimensional variables in relation to the stress exerted by ageism

A study published in American Journal of Cardiology showed that in elderly people with atrial fibrillation, therapy with the new oral anticoagulant drugs has superior efficacy compared with standard warfarin-based anticoagulant therapy

The study aims to demonstrate the effects of Vitamin D supplementation on the functional performance of the elderly, subjected to physical endurance training

Osteoporosis can cause hip fractures, with serious consequences. A multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach can prevent complications and mortality.

The tendency to be altruistic changes with age. The results of a study on 46,576 Americans aged between 18 and 99.

Early emotional self-control could be predictive of a slower aging rate and conscious preparation for advancing age.