Flavia Lovisolo - Aging Project UniUPO

I am a dynamic and fast-learning person, with a constant desire to learn and challenge myself, characteristics that have led me to gain experience in different fields and to broaden my fields of interest, which focus especially on molecular biology and scientific communication.

Academic Year: 2019/2020

Curriculum: Food

Tutor: Sarah Gino

Research Topic

This doctoral project is related to the field of genetics, molecular microbiology, and dentistry. It aims to
study the variability of oral microbiota in subjects of different ages and different lifestyles, and analyze it
under a clinic and forensic point of view.
From a clinical perspective, oral microbiota diversity will be investigated before and after treatment with
probiotics in subjects who got dental extraction, monitoring the effects on the wound healing of probiotic treatment in post-extractive sites with a 21-day follow-up. From a forensic perspective, the composition of the oral microbiota will be analyzed to understand its potentiality about personal identification and characterization of biological traces.