Ian Stoppa - PHD student- Aging project Uniupo

I have a degree in Medical Biotechnology and I believe that this new experience is the best opportunity to really challenge myself and to bring my contribution to the world of research

Academic Year: 2019/2020

Curriculum: Food

Tutor: Albano Emanuele

Research Topic

The Ph.D. project is inherent in the study of molecules patented by NOVAICOS industry that have already
shown their activity in the treatment of pathologies characterized by bone erosion and bone metastasis.
During the three years will be studied an efficient mechanism of drug delivery through functionalized
nanoparticles to target the tissues or the matrices of interest. Simultaneously in the first period, we will try
to find an alternative molecule for the molecules currently used through drug discovery techniques.
The objective is to realize the first innovative drug, effective and highly selective, able to cure the
pathologies cited before.