Antonio Colasanto - Aging Project UniUPO

I obtained a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Piemonte Orientale”, on March 20 with a final thesis paper entitled “Trattamento con acqua ozonizzata nell’industria alimentare: metodiche per la valutazione dell’impatto sulle caratteristiche compositive della carne”. Subsequently, I carried out a 6-month period of scholarship for research training and improvement at the laboratory of Food Chemistry of prof. M. Arlorio and J.D. Coïsson, working on a project entitled “Applicazione di metodi di analisi per il controllo dell’impatto di tecniche innovative nella conservazione di alimenti “. In June 2019 I passed the state examination for obtaining the qualification to practice the profession of the Pharmacist. From 1 st November 2019 I am enrolled in Food, Health and Longevity Ph.D. course.
My main passions are fishing and cooking. The second mainly has contributed to increasing my popularity and benevolence within the university environment! On the other hand, “you cannot think well, sleep well, love well if you have not eaten well”(Virginia Woolf).

Academic Year: 2019/2020

Curriculum: Food

Tutor: Marco Arlorio

Research Topic

Functional foods and ingredients for a healthy nutrition: characterization, bio-accessibility,
functionality and technological perspectives
The research activity that will be undertaken in this PhD program will be focused on the development of
functional ingredients and functional foods for a healthy nutrition. Firstly, we intend to characterize the
chemical-nutritional profile of foods, particularly those rich in bioactive substances, and to formulate
novel ingredients, allowing their use in in vivo trials. Bioaccessibility and interaction of bioactive
substances with microbiota will be further evaluated. Finally, the effect of processing technologies
(formulation, production, sanitization/thermal stabilization, cooking) on the developed foods and
ingredients will be also evaluated.