Saleh Mahmoud Abdurraouf Mokhtar -Aging Project

I, Abdurraouf Mokhtar Saleh MAHMOUD, doctoral student in the Department of Translational Medicine, specialized in the field of translational and clinical research and educational activities related to cancer and aging, particularly within the group working on the research involves translational studies of food health and longevity focusing on elderly onco-hematologic patients at University of Piemonte Orientale(UPO). Due to my ongoing interest in biotechnology and medicine, in general, since high school days, I graduated from the University of Camerino (UNICAM) in Bioscience and Biotechnologies. Thereafter, I was tremendously interested in research related to oncology and cancer, in which I had a chance to study medical biotechnology and followed got admitted to the Ph.D. program Food Health and Longevity at UPO.

Academic Year:

Curriculum: Physiopathology of aging

Tutor: Alessandra Gennari

Research Topic

The screenings for the next 2 decades indicate an exponential increase in the incidence of
neoplastic diseases in the elderly population, just as specific cancer mortality is constantly
increasing after 75 years and with the accumulation of senescent cells. The individualization of
the anticancer treatment based on a complete geriatric assessment (CGA) is desirable in elderly
patients with solid or hematological malignancy. In that consideration, the use of geriatric
screening is the first step to rationalize decisions: in this regard, the G8 tool has demonstrated the
ability to identify patients who require CGA, with a threshold of ≤ 14/17 and a strong prognostic
value at 1 year. Objectives: i) Evaluate the impact of the CGA on the Quality of Life of elderly
onco-hematological patients, candidates for complex therapies, that resulted as fragile at the G8
geriatric screening, ii) Evaluate the senescent cells in the peripheral blood of the patients
enrolled in the study.

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