Marco Varalda - Aging Project UniUPO

I graduated in Medical Biotechnologies at the University of Piemonte Orientale where I worked in the biochemistry laboratory. Here I learned a lot about working in a laboratory, both from a technical and intellectual point of view, including the fact that you can always improve.
I have therefore chosen to continue my career along this path because I consider it an excellent opportunity to put into practice everything I have learned so far.

Academic Year: 2019/2020

Curriculum: Physiopathology of aging

Tutor: Prof. Paolo Marzullo

Research Topic

Aging consists of a time-dependent functional decline that affects all the tissues of the body and results in
an increased risk of diseases.
One of the tissues involved in the aging process is adipose tissue. This is a highly dynamic organ that has a direct influence on energetic metabolism, inflammation, and oxidative stress. With aging, adipose tissue undergoes many modifications in distribution, abundance and cellular composition leading to increased risk in developing aging-related diseases, including metabolic disorders and cancer.
The identification of novel biomarkers related to aging and aging-related diseases can contribute to
identify risk factors in the population and can be useful for understanding aging molecular processes and developing new treatments against age-related diseases
The project will be focused on:
1) the identification of biological markers and lifestyle factors associated with healthy aging and/or aging-associated diseases. The object will be pursued by OMIC analysis on biological samples obtained through the active participation of the Novara population (Novara cohort study project).
2) Understanding the molecular mechanism of aging in adipose tissue and their relationship with aging-related diseases