My name is Virginia Vita Vanella. I graduated in Biology at the University of Piemonte Orientale and I’m specialized in Proteomics. During my research activities, I have acquired sense of responsibility, determination in reaching target goals with particular attention to quality and precision of task execution. Fascinated by research and science, I’m continuing my academic career as Ph.D. student in Food Health and Longevity.

Academic Year: 2019/2020

Curriculum: Food and Health

Tutor: Dr. Marcello Manfredi

Research Topic

The research activity that will be undertaken in this Ph.D. program will be focused on the study of new
therapeutic approaches and the identification of biomarkers in cancer. Firstly, we intend to use mass
spectrometry and biochemistry techniques such as proteomic, metabolomic and lipidomic analysis, to
develop new therapeutic approaches, monitor their efficacy and to identify potential biomarkers. In vitro
and in vivo samples such as secretomes, cell lysates, serum and faeces will be analyzed.