MODESTHE – Molecular determinants of the onset of sarcopenia and osteoporosis and exploration of potential therapeutic strategies

Aging is accompanied by deregulation of trophic hormones and dysmetabolic conditions that can be implicated in the onset of sarcopenia and osteoporosis, which are among the major contributors to frailty. Pharmacological treatment with the reduced hormones has often been proven not only useless but also harmful, urging to study the molecular mechanisms at the basis of their biological actions. Also, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a disease characterized by excessive fat storage in the liver which frequently associates with the metabolic syndrome among older people, is an emerging risk factor for sarcopenia. However, the mechanisms linking NAFLD to sarcopenia are still unknown and will be investigated within this project.
Finally, age-associated pathologies can be likely curbed also by the active ingredients from plants used in traditional medicine as invigorating remedies with “anti-aging” properties, whose actual biological action on muscle and bone will be assessed.


  • WP1 Age-related hormonal dysregulation in the onset of sarcopenia and osteoporosis
  • WP2 Study of the mechanisms causing sarcopenia associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • WP3 Longevity from tradition



Research area: Why do we age, Age-related diseases

Principal Investigator (PI) and CO-PI:

Nicoletta Filigheddu (PI) - Researcher - Department of Translational Medicine - UPO
Claudio Molinari (Co-PI) - Associate professor - Department of Translational Medicine - UPO