TARGET-AGING – Aging and age-related diseases: population studies and experimental models for the identification of predictive markers and therapeutic targets

Aging is characterized by changes in the biochemical processes that occur throughout the whole of life and that progressively compromise the function of cells, organs, and systems.
The study of metabolism is crucial for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying aging and longevity. Metabolome and proteome reflect the global changes in the physiological processes that influence healthspan and are the result of the integration of genome and environment cues.
The identification of metabolic and proteomic profiles and signaling pathways associated with aging by in vitro experimental models and population studies is a useful tool to identify molecular pathways of healthy aging and novel predictive, diagnostic, and therapeutic biomarkers for aging-associated diseases.
The Novara Cohort Study will offer the valuable opportunity, first of its nature in Piedmont, to associate genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data with individual’s lifestyles and socio-economic data to identify factors associated with healthy or accelerated aging. The Novara community will be called to participate in this innovative and participatory project in which citizens become not only the recipients but activators and protagonists of the research.a


  1. Recruitment of age-stratified individuals from the general population for the “Novara Cohort Study”
  2. Metabolomic and proteomic analysis for the identification of biomarkers of aging in the “Novara cohort study: a pilot study”
  3.  Socio-economics status and aging process: questionnaire design
  4.  “Adipaging”: molecular and functional analysis of adipose tissue during aging
  5. Metabolomic profile of age-associated metabolic disruption in obesity
  6. Role of Extracellular Vesicles in the mechanisms of “inflammaging” associated with cardiovascular senescence
  7. An integrated platform to investigate the relationship between caloric restriction and epigenetics in the context of human glioblastoma

Gruppo di lavoro

Daniela Capello, Daniela Ferrante, Marcello Manfredi, Paolo Marzullo, Vincenzo Cantaluppi, Giuliana Pelicci, Carmen Aina, Eliana Baici


Research area: Why do we age, Prevention and treatment pathways

Principal Investigator (PI) and CO-PI:

Daniela Capello (PI) – Associate professor - Department of Translational Medicine - UPO