Effects of a New Combination of Natural Extracts on Glaucoma-Related Retinal Degeneration


Glaucoma is currently the leading cause of irreversible blindness; it is a neuropathy characterized by structural alterations of the optic nerve, leading to visual impairments.


The aim of this work is to develop a new oral formulation able to counteract the early changes connected to glaucomatous degeneration. The composition is based on gastrodin and vitamin D3 combined with vitamin C, blackcurrant, and lycopene.


Cells and tissues of the retina were used to study biological mechanisms involved in glaucoma, to slow down the progression of the disease. Experiments mimicking the conditions of glaucoma were carried out to examine the etiology of retinal degeneration.


Our results show a significant ability to restore glaucoma-induced damage, by counteracting ROS production and promoting cell survival by inhibiting apoptosis. These effects were confirmed by the intracellular mechanism that was activated following administration of the compound, either before or after the glaucoma induction. In particular, the main results were obtained as a preventive action of glaucoma, showing a beneficial action on all selected markers, both on cells and on eyecup preparations. It is therefore possible to hypothesize both the preventive and therapeutic use of this formulation, in the presence of risk factors, and due to its ability to inhibit the apoptotic cycle and to stimulate cell survival mechanisms, respectively.


This formulation has exhibited an active role in the prevention or restoration of glaucoma damage for the first time.


Molinari C, Ruga S, Farghali M, Galla R, Fernandez-Godino R, Clemente N, Uberti F. Effects of a New Combination of Natural Extracts on Glaucoma-Related Retinal Degeneration. Foods. 2021 Aug 15;10(8):1885. doi: 10.3390/foods10081885. PMID: 34441662; PMCID: PMC8391439.

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